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Ask the Label Geeks

By Helen Dugdale.

Dear Label Geeks, We’re a small food company sold across the UK in independent stores; I read recently that Our brain receives 5 x more information compared to 1986.’ How does a little fish like us compete with the big fish we sit next to on the shelves?

Sinead, marketing director, food company

This is a great question Sinead, and one that we are asked a lot at Label Apeel. I’m sure other small independent brands would be lying if they said when they looked at the packaging of a rival product, with a bigger budget, they don’t feel a twang of envy.

It’s no secret that more than ever these days shoppers want the best for their hard earn cash. Which is all the more reason that smaller brands need to ensure that the experience your potential customer has with your product, even before they buy, should do all it can to tempt them away from the big guns.

Be honest, is your packaging creating an experience for the shopper? Is it reaching out and tickling their senses? Does it feel good in their hands? If not, it should and here’s how.

How good are your brand colours? Are you bright and vibrant while your competitors go for something more subdued? The labels we produced for Bomb Cosmetics created a loud and lovely shelf presence in a market of scented candles where most others go for creams and whites. Could your brand colour palate do with a stir?

How do you smell? No not your armpits… your packaging? Think about it, you’re bound to get so much more shelf interaction with shoppers if they get a waft of the delight waiting inside just by sniffing at the label. The labels we produced for Forza a food supplement brand, helped us realise a dream by producing a range of stickers each with its own smell. Each label is coated with a scratch and sniff varnish that releases when handled. We think the effects are just stunning, do you? What could scratch and sniff do for you?

How does it feel for you? If you pick up a product off the shelf and it feels nice in your hands, then you’re bound to look a little closer. On the labels for Hampstead Teas we sprinkled a spot of high gloss varnish to the name, which added a luxurious, look and feel to them.

Changing just one thing on your label could make a massive different. Talk to us.