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Introducing...Label Apeel Scotland

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Over the last six months, Stephen Anderson - Business Development Executive for Scotland - has been providing a more localised service for Label Apeel customers north of the border. Here he discloses all the news from our time in Scotland so far.   

How is Label Apeel Scotland going so far?

Fantastically! We’re working with some great brands up and down the country. Many of our clients are in the middle of exciting projects, be it launching new products or expanding into supermarkets and, as many of our readers will know, any development project can bring new challenges from a labelling perspective. As a result, Label Apeel has been assisting its Scottish customers as much as possible to ensure that increased demand and changes can be implemented and met at short notice with a standard of quality consistent with any other Label Apeel project.

Meanwhile, our focus on the drinks industry continues and we’ve had many conversations with Scottish brands that were previously unfamiliar with Label Apeel. This has highlighted the increased demand for experienced printing services in Scotland that first convinced us we should open an office “up North” and confirms the benefit of having a localised office for our Scottish customers and suppliers.


What are the two biggest things you’ve learnt since working for Label Apeel in Scotland?   

Working at Label Apeel has taught me the importance of supplier relationships.  We go above and beyond for our clients on a regular basis to meet stringent deadlines and unforeseen circumstances, and ensuring that our relationships with suppliers are upheld and respected is paramount to making these challenges work.

Secondly, I get daily reminders that every business is different.  Every brand wants to stand out from the crowd, and at Label Apeel we strongly believe that every brand deserves to be represented in the best light. This ethos is what makes Label Apeel shine. I travel all over Scotland to meet clients and understand their businesses, learning about the issues they face and focusing on where we, in partnership with our suppliers, can provide solutions. We get to know the brand and we strive to uncover the unique qualities that make them who they are. Then, by working with the brand owner and designer, we can make sure that the uniqueness of the brand is encapsulated in the label.

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What are your hopes for Label Apeel Scotland in 2018?

Label Apeel have established a formidable reputation from its Thurmaston office and I want Label Apeel Scotland to do the same in its own right. My aim is for us to become synonymous with quality labels and first-class service and, over the past six months, we have already begun to sow the seeds of success by providing amazing service to our existing client base as well as producing beautiful labels for new customers.

The craft beer section is booming at the moment and I’m working toward adding some more breweries as clients of Label Apeel Scotland. We have phenomenal relationships with the brands that we already work with and I’ve got all the tools and support that I need to ensure this continues into the future.   

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Label Apeel Scotland is based in Alloa, Clackmannanshire.

Label Apeel Scotland
Alloa Business Centre
Whins Road
FK10 3SA

Stephen Anderson, Business Development Executive: 07764 357 424