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Label Apeel talks Dscoop

By Helen Dugdale.

June has seen the head honchos at Label Apeel take to the road. With Stuart Kellock backpacking around Europe meeting and mingling with suppliers, and potential new partners. The rest of the management team took a short flight to Dublin to attend this year’s Dscoop Conference.

As we’re sure you already know, Digital Solutions Co-operative (Dscoop) holds an annual event that brings together member organisations to discuss best practices, offer networking opportunities and continued education for businesses who use HP printing presses.

We reveals what we took away from the 2015 event.

Why was attending Dscoop high on the Label Apeel agenda?

With 30% of our output now digital, it’s essential that Label Apeel attended DScoop. Earlier this year we added the HP WS6800. So it was prime opportunity for us to speak to the couple of other users in the UK and discuss their experiences of it.

The buzz of the conference is brilliant. Businesses, many who are competitors, are relaxed and at ease enough to share their highs and their lows of printing digital from the last 12 months.

For us, this year we were interested to hear what other printers thought about the potential for influencing companies marketing on shelf. Following on from the share a Coke campaign had anybody thought up any other great uses that only an HP machine could achieve.

What was the highlight of Dscoop for Label Apeel?

We were absolutely delighted with being part of the Keynote Speech given by Alon Bar Shany, vice president and general manager of HP Digital Press Division. He used us as a case study discussing our work with Forza he said some pretty amazing things, highlighting the fact that many could learn from our innovative approach to customer satisfaction and innovation.

Our profile within the industry has risen a great deal since the last Dscoop conference and people were approaching us to talk about specific labels and work we’d done.

For us, that’s what is so great about Dscoop. Access to key individuals, face to face meetings and discussions and the excitement that all being in one place can bring.

What top three things did you learn while at Dscoop 2015.

1. That Label Apeel is a well respected and admired voice and provider of innovation, creativity and quality in digital print throughout the UK and Europe. Which is something that we’re extremely proud of and plan to develop even further.

2. That judging by the small number of women attending Dscoop, that as industry we need to do something, and fast, to attract more females, particularly into senior positions, to work in print. I have plans in place to help kick start this.

3. By attending these events we were able to reach right inside the HP organization and make a lot of things happen that are going to allow us to impact on our customers even more. We had great meetings with their maintenance manager and also the marketing team.

We were absolutely delighted with being part of the Keynote Speech given by Alon Bar Shany, vice president and general manager of HP Digital Press Division