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Label of the Month: April 2015

By Helen Dugdale.

We love to get involved in a market as it starts to grow. So when a chance popped up to produce something for the electronic cigarette industry we got giddy.

At the last count there were 1.5 million e-cigarette users in the UK. Seen as the ‘healthy’ alternative to tobacco, the electronic cigarettes industry needs to be modern, stylish and any product design needs to be slick, if it’s to appeal to a younger audience and convince long-term smokers to hang up their habit.

“The industry needs to be aspirational if people are going to buy into what the electronic cigarette industry is selling.” said Craig Goodman, sale executive from Label Apeel heading up the Evapor account. “The client came to us from a referral and we’ve been working with them since last year. The most recent labels for the Witchcraft brand are printed digitally on silver polypropylene using a white ink and over printed using a varnish. This allows the client to print batch details as and when required. The colours are a mix of green, to dark green to black. We’re delighted with the end result.”