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Label of the month: June 2015

By Helen Dugdale.

The summer is here. Rain or shine, you’ve got to love this country in June. This month’s label is a nod towards British BBQs and sitting in the garden with a glass of your favourite beverage.

The label is from Broadland Wineries and is for their Le Soleil Fruit and Fusion range, that includes the Summer Berry and Tropical. Both designs give shoppers a welcome smack in the eye when they sit on a supermarket shelf that is generally littered with pale labels.

The eye-catching design is printed on a Wine Matt paper and embellished with cold foil. This label shows off the advantages of designing in a bit of bling especially using cold foil, which is a more economic option to hot foil. While cold foil struggles with very fine lines and small text in this context it is absolutely superb and lifts this label right up off the shelf and in to the punters basket.

All we need now is the smell of sun tan lotion and we will be there. Here’s hoping for a hot one.

Le-Soleil-Tropical- High-Res
Le-Soleil-Summer-Berry High-Res