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Label of the Month: March 2015

By Helen Dugdale.

March’s label of the month had to go to North Union Brewing Company in Sheffield. Founder and owner, Iain Kenny approached Label Apeel with the label design already in the bag, thanks to Toby at Sheffield design agency, Wearefine. What he did need help with was adding texture to his labels.

North Union Brewing Company on Label Apeel

“I’ve worked with Label Apeel in the past and they were my first call when I was struggling to get the exact labels I wanted for my new brewery. I was eager to add feel and texture to make the bottles more interesting to handle. The Label Apeel team spent time with me playing around with different papers and time on press. Considering it was such a short print run, their customer service was brilliant and they were very patient. The team really went the extra mile to help me get what I wanted.” said Iain.

Label Apeel on the Labels

“The three labels for the North Union Brewing Company just ooze shelf appeal. We produced the labels for North Pale Amber, Pale Ale and Dubbel, which have vivid yellows, pinks and blues on them, there’s nothing really in the beer sector like them.” explains Karen Capey, Label Apeel’s business development manager for beers, wines and spirits. “We printed it using a high build varnish and we chose a Ultra Wet Strength Tintoretto a wine grade material. To quote the bottlers: “They bottled like a dream.” North Union Brewing Company is definitely one to watch.”