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Shuck Creative: A Reintroduction

By Admin.
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Following a gorgeous re-brand, Claire Jeffrey, Creative Lead at Shuck Creative, explains why Label Apeel's sister design agency is set apart from the rest...

What is Shuck Creative?

 Shuck provides the full design offer. This isn’t just about labels, but full packaging - from cartons and tubes, to glass and everything in between. Additionally, the team at Shuck offer a full artwork and implementation roll out service, so if you’ve got a design we can roll that out over other pack formats and sizes. 

What makes Shuck Creative different?  

 For a start, although we’re a separate company, we sit nicely next to Label Apeel.  Along with living and breathing brand design, one of our biggest USPs is that we’ve got access to a big factory full of great stuff and a massive team of reprographic and print specialists; all of whom are working to push the boundaries of print and decoration to the next level.

A lot of our clients have worked with Label Apeel previously and really trust them – and the fact that they can use our experienced design studio really helps. Our team can handle all aspects of design and artwork and work closely with clients and Label Apeel to avoid the common problem of coming up with an amazing idea, then finding out it can’t be done by the time it gets to repro or print. 

Why should clients use you?

With 20 years-experience, and staff that have worked in the top ten agencies in London, we’ve learned a few things along the way.  We’ll research the brief and the current marketplace and we’ll explore what the client wants and (more importantly) doesn’t want! We will look at what can realistically be achieved within budgets and timeframes, and we’ll work hard to ensure your brand has a cohesive look and feel across all formats by the time it hits the shelf.  

We like clear, concise branding and, in a nutshell, we’re all about making your packaging look more beautiful, making it stand out and increasing your sales as a direct result.

What else should clients know?

We see a lot of design work come into Label Apeel, but often find that the reverse of packs, as well as the consistency across formats, prevents the label from being really beautiful design work.  We hope that with Shuck Creative working in tandem with the reprographic team at Label Apeel, we’ll achieve the next level of creativity and impactful branding for our clients.