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Why smelly is good

By Helen Dugdale.

Dear Label Geeks, How can we make our labels more innovative? We’ve decided we want to do something completely different, something daring. As a brand we want to ramp up our brand impact, be bold and brave. Can you help?

Lauren, Shropshire

Hi Lauren,

Here’s a fact for you:

Fact: Brand impact increases by 30% when two senses are integrated in to the brand message. Brand impact increases by 70% when three senses are integrated in to a brand message.

Ok, so maybe you’re already using embossing and your colour palate is getting you a second glance. If you tap into just one more of your potential customers senses, you could see a healthy 40% increase in interaction with shoppers. One way to really get under their nose is smelly labels? Add a pong or a whiff to your packaging and you'll be streets ahead of the game. Labels with an aroma are under used and we love them. There obviously not for every occasion and there are some clear no no’s, but if you are dealing with impermeable packaging then The Label Geeks say why the hell not.

It can be cheap to be smelly

It’s relatively low cost to be smelly and it delivers great consumer interaction. And as you referred to in your question, the main reason to give it a go is because nobody else is! The labels we did for Forza supplement saw amazing results.

We produced labels coated with a scratch and sniff varnish that release when handled. We're not aware of any other brands that have managed to do this over an entire range. This health supplement company reported people picking the pack up, placing it down, walking away then after smelling the scent on their hands going back and putting the product in to their basket. Result!

The science bit: Did you know that the olfactory bulb, which is the bit of the brain connected to your nose, is part of the limbic system of your brain? The limbic system is part of the brain that controls emotions, motivation and memory, now surely it is these three elements that you want to be encouraging in your consumer?

So why dont we see our olfactory bulb being tweaked more often (ooh-er!).

There are several factors for this. Fear of the unknown, designers who are unsure of how to incorporate it in to design, what fragrances are available and printers who have not got a clue where to get it from or how to apply it. But we see all these as reasons as opportunities. The fact that so few people want to experiment, and take risks, means it’s got to be worth playing with. The hardest thing for us is finding brand owners and designers who are happy to put the commercial imperative to one side and just play with ideas.

When Label Apeel and Shuck Design join forces you have a platform, in fact a playground in which you can experiment and mess around with ideas. All we ask of you is that you are brave, bold and open, and Lauren we know you are.

Add a pong or a whiff to your packaging and you’ll be streets ahead of the game.