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We’ve got a shiny new factory!

By Helen Dugdale.

After months of secrecy and cloak and dagger discussions, we are delighted to be able to reveal that we’ve moved to a swanky new factory in Thurmaston. ‘Bo House’ is 36,000 square ft of Label Apeel loveliness and marks the start of exciting times for us.

The move began in mid-February, when it was all hands on deck with our 40-something strong team. “It was never going to be easy moving presses that weigh over 3-tonnes, but we got past them with a grin,” explains Stuart Kellock.“We just knocked down a wall and called in the big guns with their machinery. Our main aim was to make sure the move didn’t impact on customers. With expert planning on our part, the labels kept printing and every deadline was met. To the outside world it was business as usual, while internally there was the odd moment of Chuckle Brother hilarity. The new factory means that every part of the business is now on one floor. Making it a great deal easier than being spread over four floors like at the Braunstone site, which was our home for over 18 years. The door of the new factory is always open to customers, suppliers and even competitors if they want to discuss labels. We’d be happy to do the grand tour.”

The new address: Label Apeel, Bo House, 17 Pinfold Road, Thurmaston, Leicester, LE4 8AS.