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Environmental Policy

Label Apeel's environment policy

The impact we have on the environment is of great concern to us. That's why we've got strict policies in place and staff with trained hawk-eyes who don't let anything slip through the net.

This policy applies to methods we use to manufacture plain and printed self-adhesive labels and label application.

We are fully committed to providing a quality product to our clients whilst preventing pollution, ensuring compliance with environmental law and the requirements of BRC, and continually improving all our systems.

This policy forms the top document of our environmental management system (EMS) which is embedded in our business management systems. All members of the Label Apeel team have been trained to understand and implement the EMS.

We have identified our significant environmental aspects and have set in place objectives, targets and management programmes as part of our commitment to continual improvement. In particular we use our ISO9001 systems to minimise the generation of waste. We manage the waste we do produce in a manner that reduces harm to the environment by application of the waste hierarchy.

We monitor and review our performance regularly.

The effect we have on the environment is of paramount importance to us.