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Our Story

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The early days

Back in the 1990s, Label Apeel was a label printing business run by the Kellock family. In 2007, after working with his parents and siblings for a number of years, Stuart Kellock bought his parents out of the business and began sailing the ship alone.

He had big plans for Label Apeel and was focused on three things only: to deliver on time, excel customer expectations and to give printers a more reputable reputation. In addition to this, Label Apeel also started working within FMCG sectors and with independent breweries.

The here and now

Label Apeel is now a successful and well respected printers. We refuse to toe the line, and have developed a reputation for creating labelling solutions that really work; both technically and visually.

The Label Apeel family has now grown to over 45 dedicated labels experts with a healthy turnover of £4 million. We continue to break new ground in the development of label finishes and decoration and relish the opportunity to work with both internationally known clients and new start-ups alike. We couldn't be prouder of how far we've come... and we can't wait for the next chapter of life at Label Apeel.

Label Apeel refuse to toe the line like other printers, and have developed a reputation for creating labeling solutions that really work