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Stephen Anderson shares the three characteristics that speak volumes about the Scottish brands he’s encountered over the past six months.

1: Community

What Scottish Brands have known for eons is that localisation works. Capturing the home market is imperative to a successful brand being able to establish itself elsewhere; after all, if you can’t sell to your neighbours, there is precious little interest in attempting to sell further afield. It’s widely known that consumers love to feel that they belong to a brand and that their loyalty is valued and rewarded. Enhancing the local provenance of a product only ever improves its positioning in the marketplace.

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2: Innovation

Innovation is something that Scotland is synonymous with and, when it comes to brand development, new start-ups and the designs they stand behind are something that I feel makes Scotland stand head and shoulders above other parts of the UK. We are developing great products with fantastic brands that break the mould and, more than anything, make Scotland an exciting and vibrant place to be doing business.

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3: Priority

We keep it real. As a nation, I believe that Scotland has never been prone to losing sight of the main aims of business. There are less airs and graces around what we do and a lot more pragmatic realism that gets the job done in a thoughtful, productive and focused way. In fact, Scotland very much reflects the ethos’ at the heart of Label Apeel itself! 

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Label Apeel Scotland is based in Alloa, Clackmannanshire.

Label Apeel Scotland
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Stephen Anderson, Business Development Executive: 07764 357 424