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Full marks for HP Indigo

By Admin.
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We just celebrated a HUGE achievement at Label Apeel HQ. 

Our Digital Print Operatives have to tackle some of the most complex jobs we take on...with high coverage and accuracy demands forcing them to keep their eye on the ball at all times. But we couldn't be prouder. We've been informed by HP that Label Apeel is currently running at twice the efficiency of the world average for an HP Indigo 6800!

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Last month we even scored 100/100 in our Weekly Print Beat. Thanks to the hard work and rigorous planning of our Production Team, this incredible efficiency will extend the life span of our HP Printers and ensure the best quality and costs for our customers. A massive congratulations has to go to our Digital Press Operatives, Dale, Ian and Reece - without their hard work this achievement would never have materialised.

Congratulation to all involved. Let's keep up the good work!

Read more about this fantastic achievement in the full article, released 17th February 2017.