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Brainstorming the "right" side, with Damian Hughes.

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Earlier this month the Label Apeel team and a handful of clients spent the morning with renowned sports psychologist Professor Damian Hughes.

An international speaker who combines his practical and academic to help organisations and teams create a high performing culture, Damian gave a frank and humorous presentation as to why altering our thinking patterns can have a huge impact on the success of your work and business.

Author of a whole host of best-selling books including, How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson, The Five Steps to a Winning Mindset, and Liquid Leadership, Damian demonstrated to us all the effective change that can be brought on by thinking with the right-hand side of your brain. Our brain is a free tool that we all have, but very few of us know the true power that it can harness when used effectively.

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During his morning with Label Apeel, one of the things that Damian Hughes encouraged us to think about, was how the world could look if you use your "right brain" when it comes to thinking, planning, and managing situations and people at work.

The Left Brain is believed to be associated with linear and analytical thought.(Oxford English Dictionary)

We tend to use our left brain most of the time. This means when we’re asked to do something new or different and use our right brain, it can seem rather strange and difficult.

School teaches us to be left-brain thinkers. This side keeps us grounded and stops us getting carried away. It’s the side that kicks in when we’re faced with a freeze, fright, or flight situation.

The Right Brain is believed to be associated with creative thought and the emotions. (Oxford English Dictionary)

The right brain, however, wants to us to look at situations and the world more positively. When we’re laughing with friends or colleagues that is a true-sign that our right brain is engaged. In a challenging work situation, the right brain wants you to start with the positives, while the left side looks at the problems.

 If your business is struggling with absenteeism the right brain will look at the reasons that the 93% of employees are turning up for work and not automatically focus on the 7% that aren’t. Allowing this positive thinking and using the right brain in business will make you look at the things that are going right in order to tackle those that are going wrong.

The Right Brain helps you approach dilemmas with positive and creative thought.
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Stuart Kellock is delighted with the feedback he’s received from the Label Apeel team following the event:

Very rarely do we stop and think about the way that we learn and develop at work, or about how our brains are working and processing that information. Listening to Damian you could see the metaphorical light-bulb going on across the room. People were reflecting on some of their own bad habits and making a conscious decision to maintain positive outlook throughout the week. I think we would all agree that Damian left us with some fantastic ideas to implement in the workplace."

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