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Label Apeel donates tasty labels for charity jam

By Helen Dugdale.
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Label Apeel donates tasty labels for charity jam

We’re always eager to do our bit to help a good cause, so we donated the labels for Blissful Blackcurrant, a charity jam created by Angharad Underwood from The Preservation Society.

Whilst undergoing treatment for breast cancer at Velindre Cancer Centre in South Wales, Angharad was warned she could lose her ability to taste, and for the self-employed businesswoman whose taste buds are needed for making her tasty preserves, this would have been a disaster. Luckily four months after her treatment her taste returned.

Angharad wanted to give something back to the amazing team at the Velindre Cancer Centre, so she created Blissful Blackcurrant and all the money from the charity preserve is being donated to the Centre.

Michelle Kellock explains why Label Apeel got involved: “No-one is immune to cancer. So supplying the labels for free for Blissful Blackcurrant Jam was the least we could do. We were touched by Angharad's story and wanted to do our bit. Plus the jam tastes delicious!”

Order your tasty charity jam here: www.thepreservationsociety.co.uk