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Label Apeel in the Media

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Over the last few months we’ve been busy giving interviews and writing articles about a whole host of issues. Take a look below for a selection of where we've been popping up to say our piece...

Print Week Press List

In the January issue of Print Week, Stuart revealed his plans to reach new markets with our Scotland office. In the article, he discusses why Label Apeel are moving in the opposite direction to many of his competitors and why he often likes to take the risky road in business. Click here to read..

Bev Packaging Inn

In Beverage Packaging Innovations' Winter Issue, Sales Manager Craig Goodman talked about the future of best practice in alcohol labelling, discussing the self-regulatory nature of the alcohol industry and the danger it could be under if  by mandatory government labelling laws. You can read the article below, at the end of this page. 

Packaging Scotland Logo 1

Meanwhile, if you missed our Scotland announcement at the end of 2017, you can revisit the details in Packaging Scotland's article covering our journey north of the border. Click here to read...


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