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Label Apeel on Brexit

By Helen Dugdale.

We wouldn’t be Label Apeel, if we didn’t have an opinion on the EU shenanigans. Whether you were in or out is immaterial, the only thing that counts now is the future and how we respond to it. What will yours look like? Do you have all the facts to hand of how Brexit will affect your business? Do you have a plan?

Stuart Kellock, shares the Label Apeel take on Brexit.

The only certainty we have in these early days of our new reality is that not a lot is certain. What we do know is that we have to look back to the old truths, like: ‘quality will always survive.’

I wasn’t overjoyed when the news broke about Brexit, but the deed has been done and we have two choices of how we deal with the aftermath: go into complete meltdown in fear of economic catastrophe, or embrace the opportunities, even the uncertainty of what lies-ahead and make it work.

So, when all around us are cutting costs in order to save some cash, devaluing what they do, we’re not going to be following the herd. Instead we’re going to be the rebel. The stand out business that is going to face these difficult times head on by showing clients that product enhancement leads to greater sales, and a 10% increase in sales will always top a 10% decrease in costs. 

Label Apeel’s plans for Brexit

Like many we’re working on the details. But what I do know is:

·      They’ll be no knee jerk reaction to all the doom and gloom that the media and the government is spouting. Label Apeel will continue to maintain a positive competitive edge and focus on the future success of the business, rather than the short-term roller coaster we’re facing.

·      We’ll continue to focus on sustainability for future of the packaging industry and build on the work that has been coming from EU regulations.

·     We’ll make it clear to our friends and colleagues in the rest of Europe that Label Apeel is still very much interested in working with them whether for R&D, print or design.

·      Maybe even, use this opportunity to celebrate "Brand Britain" and use the increased media profile as a PR opportunity to reach out to brands and businesses who want to grow their brand amongst a British audience.