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Label Apeel shines through Snowdon's rain.

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Snowdon Rain

On June 10th, a 13-strong crew of Label Apeel staff took on the arduous task of climbing Mount Snowdon in North Wales. The weather, it’s fair to say, was against them. With warnings of 60mph winds at the summit and a forecast of heavy rain from dawn til dusk, this was not the conditions that the climbers had been hoping for.

But, eager to raise much needed funds for Action Medical Research for Children, the team set off against an onslaught of rain with the assistance of three experienced guides to keep them safe.

Snowdon Start

Beth Edwards, Marketing Manager at Label Apeel, shares with us what went on during the climb: 

“Right from the outset, the weather conditions were pretty horrendous.  We started walking around 8.30am, at which time the winds at the top of Snowdon were reported to be 60mph. On numerous occasions, we were knocked off our feet by the wind as we were walking, but we knew that we just had to keep going. The rain was utterly relentless and the entire team were soaked to the bone after the first 10 minutes. We heard later that many groups scheduled to leave after us had had their climb cancelled entirely due to bad weather – so we were lucky to get anywhere at all!

But, just 30 minutes from the summit, and despite our very best efforts, our guides refused to  allow the team to ascend any further. Due to the poor visibility, heavy rain and ferocious winds making the path ahead unsafe, the warden informed us that the Mountain Rescue helicopter would not be able to fly in these conditions and that they couldn’t risk allowing people to reach the summit. (You can see how little climbing we had left to complete by viewing the red path marked on the map below.) 

Snowdon Finish

Knowing we were so close to the top after all of our efforts was utterly devastating - but keeping everyone safe was paramount. Through gritted teeth we accepted that we had done everything we could, and began to make our way back down the mountain; learning many a safety procedure along the way. (You’d laugh too if you saw 13 soggy adults throw themselves to the floor and cling to each other each time the wind picked up.)

Though we might not have made it to the summit, what we did come away with was a true sense of teamwork. The conditions on the mountain made it essential that we worked together to combat the brutal weather and ensure the safety of our whole team. So, after a few tears, and a lot of laughs, we made it back to Llanberis in one (very wet) piece.”

Snowdon Map

We’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Hannah Fells, our HR Manager, for all her hard work in the months leading up to the climb. Hannah was responsible for organising all aspects of the trip and did a fantastic job ensuring that all of the Label Apeel-ers had everything they needed to be best prepared for the climb.

Finally, and most importantly, we are proud to say that we smashed our target of raising £2,500 for Action Medical Research, a charity dedicated to improving the health and lives of babies and children battling diseases or living with disabilities. With your donations, this incredible charity will be able to fund more pioneering research with the hope of one day beating the diseases that devastate the lives of so many of our children; including brain cancer and life-limiting conditions such as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Cerebral Palsy.

£3,052.93 for Action Medical Research for Children

Thank you to everybody that donated, fundraised and supported us on our Snowdon adventure. With the determination (and soggy socks) of our team, Label Apeel raised a PHENOMENAL: £3,052.93 for Action Medical Research for Children. An incredible total and an incredible achievement. 

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