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Label of the Month: November 2016

By Helen Dugdale.
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November’s Label of the Month also wins innovative business of the month; The Naked Marshmallow Co. Not content with reinventing the world of marshmallows, in September this year they launched Vanilla Bean Marshmallow gin and Salted Caramel Marshmallow vodka. Just genius. We wished we’d thought of it.  


We love a challenging label

A clever product needs a very canny and eye-catching label which is exactly what this is. But let’s tackle the elephant in the room first, this label has a hole in it. 

The labels were designed by Design Happy ( www.designhappy.co.uk ), who we've worked with on a couple of projects, and who always give us something we can really get our teeth in to. But when Craig first showed us the design, you could hear a hairnet drop as the factory fell silent in shock. Not only has it got a hole in it, that hole is triangular. Not only is that hole triangular, it also has fine printed imagery on either side in contrast colours. 

That description is enough to cause most printers to run off into the night - but not the boys and girls at Label Apeel. We set about dealing with the issues, holding perfect registration and stripping every hole accurately was a difficult technical challenge - and we’re chuffed to bits with having achieved it.

"Nothing was too much trouble for Label Apeel and we very much look forward to working with them again in the very near future." - The Naked Marshmallow Co.

What we did

Printed on to a Martelle Blanc material using our HP digital printing press. It is worth keeping in mind that the HP is the only digital printing press on the market that will print bold colours of this nature, on open paper structures, in a way that will allow for continuity of colour from batch to batch. This is particularly important when dealing with high end brands such as this tasty Vodka and gin.

The label is set off with a gloss varnish that creates a beautiful patina on the Martelle Blanc material and then supported by a gold foil on the secondary label.

The end result, modern, bold and tasty looking labels. 

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