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Label of the Month: December 2016

By Helen Dugdale.
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The last Label of the Month for 2016 was a hard one to choose. But, after pacing the factory floor back and forth, we knew it should go to Everards Brewery. We absolutely love their clever and confident use of illustration - especially when it's so rare to see truly fantastic illustration being used on labels. Why is this? Well, because it's a high-risk strategy. For a target audience, the graphic is either right or wrong - there is no middle ground. For Everards however, these labels reflect the brand, and their products, to a tee. The texture adds both strength and depth; and certainly brings an air of British quality to the range.

The Everards Brewery labels are completely different to anything else on the shelf and we developed an infatuation with them as soon as they rolled off the press.

Spearheaded by Susie Ackland, these labels were designed and illustrated by the fabulous team at Juice Creative and printed on to a Tintoretto Gesso supplied by Manter Materials of Spain. By juxtaposing this distinct and elegant uncoated paper with gloss screen varnish allowed the label to remain classy without being a shrinking violet.

We were chuffed to bits to be able to work with this Leicester-based national brewery and pub chain again, and we're looking forward to teaming up with them in the future on other projects to help them create even more impressive labels.

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Showcasing the strength of excellent illustrations
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