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Label of the Month April 2017

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For April 2017, our Label of the Month accolade goes to A Little Bit - a tasty range of lovingly homemade dressings and sauces. Working again with Design Happy on this project, we were able to print a fresh label to match this all natural brand.

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Brands like A Little Bit are why we created the feature Label of the Month in the first place. There's simply nothing better than being able to celebrate dedication and commitment to a quality product - especially when we can get our hands in the mix when it comes to developing great designs for their packaging. 

Following on from our Design Masterclass at the start of April, we've handed over to the Designers at Design Happy to tell us their story behind the A Little Bit labels: 

"Sophie Lee Fox, owner of A Little Bit, approached us to look at refreshing her existing brand of sauces and dressings, as well as expanding the design range to dips. Our brief was to bring this unique proposition to life and create a holistic  look and feel for the range; all whilst increasing shelf appeal and brand standout within a heavily saturated market.

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Sophie gave us a great amount of creative freedom and was enthusiastic about exploring different finishes, so we begin the process by focussing on how A Little Bit differs from other sauces and dressings. In all of their products, A Little Bit use fresh, not dried, herbs. So, our design team developed a revised master brand identity system that supported this handmade and home grown positioning. The new brand mark feels as if each label had been hand-stamped and the descriptor typography makes it seem as each label is lovingly handwritten.  

Label Apeel were a natural choice to make this vision a reality and coordinated sample run that allowed us to effortlessly test the label to get the optimal result before moving to production. Working closely with Label Apeel, we used a natural, uncoated substrate with the brand-mark given a high build screen to add tactility and standout; and each label was die-cut with torn edges to simulate its hand finished look and feel. Here at Design Happy, we're really pleased with the quality of the finish and we can't wait to see the products on shelf!"

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Craig Goodman, sales executive at Label Apeel said: “This suite of labels showcases exactly how a brand and design team can work smoothly together with Label Apeel to create eye-catching packaging.”
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The details: April's Label of the Month uses Freelife Merida White 100 Ultra Wet Strength material from Manter. The project was a digital print from CMYK with green ink channel and the high build Gloss Screen Varnish on the branding creates the wonderful effect of a freshly stamped logo.

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