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Label of the Month: December 2017

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With the popularity of gin at an all-time high (sales in Scotland have even overtaken whisky this year), we couldn’t resist closing the year with a limited edition festive gin for our December Label of the Month. Raise a glass to Didsbury Gin.

Didsbury Gin, is a distinctive, warm citrus gin created by spirit enthusiasts and founders of Alderman’s Drinks, Liam Manton and Mark Smallwood. Lovingly hand-crafted in an eco-friendly copper still in batches of 100 bottles, every bottle of Didsbury Gin is unique to its owner. Label Apeel was recommended to Liam and Mark via one of our suppliers and we began working with them not long after Alderman’s Drinks was set up. The pair first came to us with a great looking label design that included an eye-catching foil blocked border. For their second label, a limited edition run of Christmas gin, they wanted to recreate this foil border but with a tight deadline and cost effective solutions.  

Didsbury Gin Christmashires

The answer for Didsbury was for Label Apeel to print a colour wash over a silver base material to create the foil border effect. The end result is a Christmas-inspired variant on their original label, with subtle red, brown and green festive images surrounding a rather dapper image of Fletcher Moss - an iconic Mancunian who the business was inspired by.  


More from Didsbury...

"In 1919 a local Alderman named Fletcher Moss gifted the botanical gardens of Parsonage Gardens & Fletcher Moss to the people of his beloved northern city. He had a vision: the gardens would provide a place of inspiration for future generations and create a sanctuary for local people to escape the hustle of city life.

Local gin enthusiasts Liam Manton & Mark Smallwood launched Didsbury Gin in 2017, taking inspiration from Moss' fine gardens, Liam and Mark use a blend of hand-peeled fresh citrus peels from sustainable sources and hand-cracked juniper berries, with subtle undertones from British roots to bind the flavours together. 

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