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Label of the Month: January 2018

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Bird Of Paradise Label Apeel Ringtons

We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Ringtons since 2013, printing a wide range of their labels and, more recently, tea bag tags. Established in 1907, this family business maintains tradition by delivering door to door to over 230,000 customers across the country as well as providing the UK’s leading businesses, hotels, restaurants and cafes with high quality tea and coffee.


With such a huge client base invested in the familiarity of Ringtons quality products and service, it would be understandable if the company approached their branding with an “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” attitude. But the latest range of fifteen labels that we’ve printed for Ringtons take the brand in a completely new direction, utilising illustration and bold colours to create a set of labels that evoke class and quality with a truly contemporary feel.

Ringtons Peppermint

Andy Phipps, Ringtons’ Customer Services representative at Label Apeel, explains why this latest project was a firm favourite for him…

Strawberries And Cream

 “Ringtons have always been a really enjoyable brand to work with. They approached us with this new label looking for advice on the best way to print and finish them. After some research and discussions with the team at Ringtons, we decided the labels were best printed digitally on a silver polyprop material. Adding a high gloss finish as a final step transformed the labels, matching their quality look to the rest of Ringtons’ product range.”

Speaking about Ringtons’ alternative approach to this project, Andy continues: “This illustrative label is a new design and is quirkier than usual for the brand. It’s nice to see a traditional brand stepping up and doing something a little different. We were very aware that there was a tradition and story that needed to be honoured in the finish of the design and ensured that the new range of labels retained a focus on maintaining consistency with their original branding. As a result, we’ve printed a refreshing new range that upholds the standards of Ringtons’ history, while also adding impact with a more modern look.”  

For more about Ringtons visit: https://www.ringtons.co.uk/

Rwandan Label Apeel Ringtons
Earl Grey Sc Jasmine Label Apeel Ringtons
Souchong Run Label Apeel Ringtons
Rooibos Label Apeel Ringtons