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Label of the Month: March 2017

By Admin.
Re Brand Reflex Nutrition

March’s Label of the Month goes to Reflex Nutrition, an old friend of Label Apeel who recently went through a rebrand with designer Brandhouse. Reflex Nutrition were keen to ensure that the concept was executed perfectly, which meant that their in-house designer Andy Barrow had to be entirely happy with the execution from a design perspective and then in partnership with Label Apeel, that the completion of the finished tubs was perfect.

Reflex 6
Reflex 4

From the outset, we knew the finished label needed to be strong and striking if they were to adorn such respected products and attract the attention of the discerning sport enthusiast.

Produced on holo-rainbow material and flexo printed, precise colour placement was key in executing a stand-out design for this dynamic product.

Marketing Director Julian Wright told us: “We’re all incredibly happy with what has been achieved. Especially given the focus that has been placed on the process and its importance to the brand moving forward.”

Reflex 1

To find out more about the Reflex Nutrition rebrand, visit: https://www.reflexnutrition.com/blog/a-look-for-the-future-reflex-nutrition/

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