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Label of the Month May 2017

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There are rumours rife in the spirits industry that rum is set to take the prestigious place as drinkers’ favourite tipple. And with the likes of Neptune Rum around, gin distillers should sit up and take note.

Brand owners John Denley and Richard Davis knew that if they were going to launch a brand new rum it would need to be the best available. What choice did they have then, but to track down a high quality, 3-year old golden rum from a privately-owned family distillery on the southern slopes of Barbados.

Brand Developer John told us: “We wanted to bring something different to the marketplace. We’ve developed a smooth rum that is designed to be sipped but is also delicious in cocktails, and tastes surprisingly good in coffee.”

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Drinkers of Neptune Rum will delight in a luxurious golden drink of warm fruit and pepper notes. And, since the rum is aged in the Caribbean, it matures more quickly, giving Neptune Rum the style and quality of an older aged spirit. 

“The name is a nod to Neptune, the god of the ocean” continues John, “and we were further inspired by Navy sailors who used be given a tot of rum before setting sail.”

Outside of this bottle though, it’s easy to see why Neptune Rum is our Label of the Month for May 2017.

Geoffrey Woodward, Label Consultant at Label Apeel explains the thinking behind the label: “We met with John, Richard and the designers in the early stages to discuss how to bring the design to life using materials and finishes. Achieving a great label starts with working closely with the designer, tooling suppliers and production team in equal measure to get high impact and authenticity from the designs; as well as the best production techniques for each individual element.”

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Label Apeel’s Neptune Rum label is printed on Manter’s Tintoretto paper, from their Fedrigoni exclusive range. This uncoated paper helps add to the ‘aged’ look and compliments the beautiful illustrations by Third Floor Design. Hot foil was added to Neptune’s head and the product name bringing an incredible level of detail, whilst the embossing on the head, ship and wave illustrations adds another dynamic level. Finally, the raised tactile varnish over the product name really helps it stand out.”

The label also uses Label Apeel’s variable data application as it is a “limited edition first run of 1-800”, adds Geoffrey. “This was a production job that has required attention to detail and accuracy of combination foil, emboss, screen and variable data all in one label –which is what Label Apeel does best.”

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John Denley is delighted with the label: “We found Label Apeel very accommodating. We threw several curve balls at them and each time they came back to us with some great ideas; we’re particularly delighted with the suggestion of using raised varnish on the product name. We feel the gin market has become totally saturated; and we believe the premium rum market is the next big thing. With Neptune Rum, we firmly intend to be a part of this new direction for the Spirits industry.” 

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