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Label of the Month: August 2016

By Helen Dugdale.

For August we chose Parlay Ultra Black Rum a unique and heartwarming tipple. This premium British brand is triple distilled and infused with raisin, tangerine, cherry and vanilla giving Parlay a smooth and fruity flavour but with the warmth of a true rum.

The brand Parlay is created around the enchanting and intriguing Golden Age of Piracy and tales of the Code of the Pirate Brethren. The Pirata Codex, declared that anyone captured by piratees could invoke the right of parlay, entitling them to meet with the captain and negotiate terms over a bottle of rum.

About the label

The label uses a strong contrast as the immediate pull with the Copper foil from Kurz stands out brilliantly on the black background. We have seen many labels recently using the Tintoretto Black Pepper material. However, this one goes back to basics, with a standard white Tinterretto material supplied by Manter of Spain, double hit with a black on our HP digital press, gives a deep luxurious look and leaves the white of the paper coming through to create the very best of contrast.

All of this is then framed with beautiful foiling, where despite the size of the foiling tool, and the disparity in styles across the label, nothing has been lost. Where there is a larger area of foiling it is achieved without any hickies or pitting around the edge, and where there is fine detail it has held strong and clear, showing off the quality of the operator. The label is then further imbued with a subtle emboss that draws the eye into the brand name and a high build screen to just lift the white text further.

Parlay Drinks launched the Ultra Black Rum in July 2016. The drinks maker is also featured in the September issue of GQ Magazine, named as an up-and-coming premium spirit maker in the UK market. We’re delighted to be working with this exciting new brand.