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Label of the Month February 2017

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February’s Label of the Month goes to TicketyBrew, a feisty brewery based in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester. Self-funded by the hard-working Keri and Duncan, TicketyBrew is driven by pure passion and self-belief, and is committed to bringing an honest tipple to the table in an overcrowded industry.

This month, Label Apeel printed a year’s supply of labels for TicketyBrews 14 limited-edition beers and IPA’s, including Salted Caramel Coffee Stout, Raspberry and Pink Peppercorn Wheat Beer and four seasonal IPA’s.

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Printed on white multi-print paper using a four-colour process, we created a cutter for these labels that added a jagged ‘torn ticket’ edge in place of the brand’s usual square-edge style. This gorgeous little detail is perfect for TicketyBrew’s grounded and honest branding style. Added to the vibrant colours of each limited-edition label, the torn ticket edge emphasises the family feel of TicketyBrew  – a brewery where every bottle is labelled by hand. 

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Looking ahead into 2017, TicketyBrew have their sights firmly set on an even bigger and bolder horizon. Speaking about their recent investments in equipment and staff, the gutsy brewery says they are working to ‘meet demand, improve quality and consistency, and concentrate on the experimentation we want TicketyBrew to be synonymous with’.

These goals marry up well with Label Apeel’s own focus for 2017, and we look forward to working alongside the team at Ticketybrew to make it happen. 

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A brewery where every bottle is labelled by hand.​​ ​
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