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Label of the Month: October 2016

By Helen Dugdale.
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This month the accolade goes to Westwell Wines a corking small family run winery that sits by Pilgrim’s Way on the chalky slopes of the North Downs.

As wine producers, they know exactly what they want and, like true entrepreneurs, don’t stop until their distinctive packaging  matches the impeccable taste of their handmade wine.

The labels we produced adorn the bottles of their sparkling wines: Special Pink, Special Curee and Blanc de Blancs.

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Stu on the label

OK a confession, when we first saw the artwork for this we checked to make sure the computer hadn’t scrambled the file. 

Yes, it’s normal to use a high build varnish to draw the eye to the important areas of the design. But our friends at Westwell Wines have re-thought the whole use of high build varnish by using it as an integral part of the design and have managed to create a very unique label that lifts the product in to a different realm. 

The varnish is used as another element and the gloss-raised surface is contrasted with the matt background and the shimmer of the Sirio Pearl Oyster Shell material supplied by Manter Materials. 

The finished effect is of a subtle quality that still allows the product to stand out on shelf and reflects the provenance of this award winning English vineyard.

Why not grab a bottle of Westwell Wines bubbly to enjoy with the bonfire?

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