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And Label of the Year 2015 goes to...

By Helen Dugdale.
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Paul Jenkins popped over Label Apeel Towers recently and we thought we'd put his packaging prowess to good use, while he was eating our bourbons. So, we showed him all of this year's lucky 'Labels of Month' and asked him to choose an overall winner. 

Here's the shortlist:

Kings Caviar / North Union / Artisan Kitchen / Le Soleil / Scaddow Vineyard / Cambridge Gin / Mattugga Rum / Sylvian Song / 1897 Quinine Gin. 

It's was a hard job, but after some deliberations (and far too many bourbons) he decided the crown should go to..drum roll...1897 Quinine Gin, 

Paul said: "It's a beautiful contrast in materials and varnish. Excellent use of single colour with huge shelf impact." 

Amy Chambers said: "The paper we used is black Tintoretto, a premium material, which perfectly compliments the premium gin waiting on the other side of the glass. Digitally printed we used a high build varnish for definition to add depth and texture. We worked hard with this one to engage the senses, even before the lid is unscrewed."

Quinine  Gin 2