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Life at Label Apeel

By Admin.
Dale And Ian Label Apeel

Little over a year ago, Label Apeel published a photo-series in celebration of International Print Day 2016, championing the people right at the heart of the company. Over seven days, we released images and interviews with some of the people that work behind the scenes to ensure your labels are printed to perfection.

Now, one year later, we've asked our staff to tell us their Label Apeel stories in their own words... 

Jay Label Apeel
It's lovely watching new members of staff become integrated with the team on the shop floor

Over the next fortnight we'll be releasing some of the intriguing and heartwarming stories that our staff shared with us. Some have been with us since 16 years old, others started on the shop floor and worked their way up to senior management - but all of them, are Label Apeel. 

You can follow the Label Apeel #StaffStories on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN and HERE on our website. 
Saeid2 Label Apeel
Camille3 Label Apeel
Dale Ian2 Label Apeel
Debbie2 Label Apeel