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It's been an exciting few weeks for Labellers with a subscription to Tatler and Vogue UK. Four of our customers have been featured on the prestigious pages of these luxury magazines and, as gin continues to take the drinks market by storm, it's fantastic to see our work being loved and trusted by brands that are consistently recognised by highly respected institutions whose opinions often lie at the forefront of what's "in". 

Vogue’s December edition featured our most recent Label of the Month, Didsbury Gin, amongst its top Christmas gifts for 2017. Whilst Tatler UK recognised Palmer Gin, Warner Edwards and Willow Tree Gin in its January 2018 issue. We’re incredibly proud when any of our customers do well amongst their peers, especially when our history together goes back to their beginnings.

For example, Warner Edwards have worked with us since their launch in 2012, with an order of 8,000 labels. Five years on and appearing in the pages of Tatler UK (as well as many a drink cupboard across Britain), Warner Edwards have just placed an order with us for 300,000 units across five flavour ranges; and it’s an honour to have been part of their remarkable journey to the top.  

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Stuart Kellock, Managing Director at Label Apeel, explains here why luxury gin brands consistently choose us for their labels:

"It’s because we focus on the unique detail of each brand. We get to know them and take extra steps to make sure that everything about their label is just right and we’re constantly working to go the extra mile for customers. We’ve been working within the craft gin market since 2012 and we’ve played a fundamental part in helping steer the industry’s growth, ultimately leaving us with a strong grasp and understanding on what both start-ups and established brands want and need.

"Flavours of gin are subtler than whisky" Stuart continues, "the market is wider and its less gender specific. It’s interesting to see the localisation of gin developing across the UK and the loyalty of people supporting their local brands and their excitement of discovering new gins when travelling around the country. 2018 is set to be an interesting year for the gin industry and we’re looking forward to being a huge part of it."