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New customers trust Label Apeel

By Admin.
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With over 40 new customers joining us in the last 3 months, our name and reputation seems to be spreading. What’s most exciting is that these customers are taking us all over the UK – with new clients stretching from the very north of Scotland, down to the far reaches of Cornwall. Among those customers we have everything from new start-ups, who we are helping to develop, to brands with a national presence and national listings in super markets.

It is our client’s success, rather than our own, that lies at the heart of what we do.

So why are people trusting us with their labels?

Being an independent family run business seems to be making a big impact and a lot of our clients are moving to us because they don’t want to become little more than a number in a large conglomerate. Many of our new clients seem to appreciate the attention to detail that we champion, as well as the openness we operate with. Clients are always welcome at our premises and we positively encourage them to come and meet us in order to see first-hand how our processes come together. Not only does this mean getting to know our sales team in greater depth, but also the printers and studio team who make it all possible.

Though, perhaps most importantly, we believe that the best way for Label Apeel to grow is by building upon the success of our clients. As a result, it is our client’s success, rather than our own, that lies at the heart of what we do and, by investing wholeheartedly in helping brands achieve their optimum shelf impact, we are consistently able to expand our knowledge and grow as a business.