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Our favourite labels from across Europe

By Helen Dugdale.
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While headlines are spouting doom and gloom about the forthcoming Brexit axe, we thought we'd throw in a celebratory story about our European neighbours. Managing Director Stuart Kellock has collated his favourite labels that Label Apeel have produced for wine and spirit brands across the water...

Forget Brexit.

The need for fantastic labels has no borders and we have been very happy to build great relationships with some fine brands on the continent. 

With new clients in Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece and yes, even a French Vineyard. The requirement for the very finest quality and the very best service, is an international language that we speak. While we are sometimes humbled by our Anglo-Saxon inability to speak foreign languages and amazed at our customers superb English, we are all aiming for the same thing, excellence in labels.


Probably two of our finest labels this year were the La Peruana, Pisco labels made for Christopher and Laura Gibson in Switzerland. These guys knew exactly what they wanted and the design was challenging but as is always the way, the tougher the task, the more rewarding the results. 

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It was very much the same with our favourite Belgian Gin 'X-GIN'. The requirement for precision was critical and the finished label was stunning; but when the whole package came together, the product became sublime.

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We have featured a few of our English wine customers in the newsletter over the years, but to be supplying a French Vineyard is a bit of a coup for us. We are very proud of the labels we produce and the relationship we have built up with Le Grappin and are looking forward to working with them for many years to come.

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While the current state of the currency makes trading with Europe easier we have never really given it much consideration. For us, the question is always can we deliver something for the brand and help our clients to achieve their ambitions and if we can, then no physical, cultural or language barrier is going to stand in our way. We are super proud of the work we are doing both in Europe and the UK and we are looking forward to doing more and more interesting, challenging and rewarding work in the future.