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Packaging Innovations round up 2016

By Helen Dugdale.
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This year’s Packaging Innovations show turned out to be one of the best ones that we’ve attended. Our rather understated stand (compared to previous years – no sweets or dry ice this year!) still attracted an abundance of interesting and diverse customers over for a chat. Which included big name high street brands to more independent products that had heard about the work we do.

This year, our theme was all about the Label Apeel awards and the labels that helped us win them. We showed off our shiny trophies next to the winning labels: Gilpin's Gin; Proteus; Tarquin's Gin.  

As usual, the Label Apeel team Stuart, Amy, Karen, Craig and Geoffrey were on hand to answer some rather tricky questions about how far you can really go with a label.

Amy Chambers: “We were back at Packaging Innovations for a fourth year. Initially, we were rather skeptical to see if the 2016 event could improve on previous shows, where we’ve picked up some nice pieces of work. But as ever, once the show had warmed up we made some great new connections in our chosen sectors: food and drink, personal care and beers, wines and spirits, which have already turned into potential contracts. It was definitely worth exhibiting.”