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The magic of Peel and Read: Getting more information on less label

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Clawson Peel And Read

At Label Apeel, we’ve made it our business to make the impossible possible with what clients want to achieve with their labels. One increasingly popular method that enables brands to share all their essential details is to use the magic of peel and read. 

In today’s consumer landscape, we’re consistently seeing the need to squeeze more information into tighter spaces on labels. There are lots of factors driving this, including the desire for better packaging that reduces space and, as a result, transport costs. Products such as deodorants, washing-up liquids and coffee refill packs are perfect examples of these. There is also the requirement for ever greater information and legislation on packs; something which is only likely to increase with Brexit looming over the horizon.

Today however, we also have new products that, though small by nature, require a lot of information. Vaping products from the E-cigarette industry are a prime example of this.

Definition of peel and read: a multi-layered label that hinges at one end and peels back to reveal messaging on either the underside and/or base layer.

Managing director of Label Apeel, Stuart Kellock, has seen the difference ‘peel and read’ can make to a brand’s packaging. “Peel and read can be printed digitally or by flexography” he explains, “and this is determined by the length of the run and or the number of sorts. It is not uncommon for us to be running 220-250 different sorts of peel and read labels. This takes a lot of organisation, but we have it down to a fine art.”

E-cigarette industry

The e-cigarette industry in particular is really benefiting from the ‘more information on less label’ method that peel and read offers. In the UK, 2.6 million people use vapour products and, according to The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), retail sales from the industry in the country are currently worth around £600m.

 “As a business” continues Stuart, we have seen a dramatic upturn in the number of e-cigarette companies wanting our help to solve their issues of including significant legislation alongside their own requirement for an attractive label with high shelf impact. We now supply nearly a dozen different vape companies with peel and read labels, amongst them one of the biggest in the country”.

Overcoming the vape challenge

The challenge facing E-cigarette brands comes primarily in the size of the bottle, with most vape liquid being sold in quantities as small as 10ml. Getting an adhesive that will stick to the bottle is straightforward, but has to be considered further when the diameter of the bottle is so tight. The real complication can be, more often than not, in getting the top layer of the peel and read to stay flat to the bottle once applied - all of its material properties want it to ‘ping’ off and remain flat. Where we would normally rely on the force of the adhesive to hold this in place, here we also need the label to peel away easily.

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After time spent with the Label Apeel R&D team this challenge was fully resolved, making us one of the leading suppliers to the vape industry. We are capable of producing great looking labels with added decorative features like foiling and high build screen, with the added dimension of all that extra information underneath.

Is Peel and Reed right for you?

• It can be a clever, powerful and attractive marketing tool that encourages shoppers to interactive with your brand.

• It’s ideal, and cost-effective, if you need to print a large amount of information, instructions or different language translations.

• It’s a great solution if you’re offering money off coupons, vouchers or running a competition or promotion that uses variable data. For example; where the customers peel back the label to reveal a unique code or number.

If you want to know more about peel and read, or if you represent an e-cigarette brand looking for more information, we’d love to speak to you. Contact info@labelapeel.co.uk or call us on 0116 231 4555