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Pressure Drop Brewing is a brand that makes the world notice them. With colourful, in-your-face labels, this brand aren’t one to shy away from taking command of their surroundings. Their designs strike the perfect balance between distinctive branding and creativity, often incorporating inspiration from the unlikeliest of places. (Think graffiti artists, Chinese proverbs and photography by Masterchef winners.)

Pressure Drop No Background

 Label Consultant Geoffrey Woodward explains Label Apeel’s relationship with Pressure Drop and how we worked to bring their labels alive…

 “Pressure Drop Brewing is like nothing else in the London craft market,” he begins. “The designs they put out have a lot of character and a real story behind them. As for our story with the brand, we originally spoke to Pressure Drop with regards to part of a rebrand they were undertaking at the time, discussing their label designs and advising on a specific tweak to their packaging. At that point they were looking at things such as high build varnishes, so I showed them the work we’d produced for the brewery Everards, which they were really taken by. Several months later they approached us again and, after liking our customer service, the new ideas we showed them and the different finishes we introduced them to, we began our first print run for them.”

Alligator Tugboat Drawing Label Apeel Pd

After this initial print run, Pressure Drop came back to Geoffrey with a limited-edition beer; Alligator Tugboat. The striking label for this beer had been designed by legendary street artist Sweet Toof and the pressure (no pun intended) was on to print a label that delivered the drama and impact of Sweet Toof’s design.

Uv Alligator Tugboat

“Their original label for Alligator Tugboat used part gold foil and fluorescent pink ink, which at the time was something we’d just started offering through our digital press,” Geoffrey explains. “We altered the production and maximised the impact of the inks and materials in use. First we transferred the design onto a silver polyprothene material and then put a whitening down, followed by three hits of the fluorescent pink. Next we layered a matt laminate over the top and, to get the tone and effect of a gold foil we put a yellow tint over the silver which, in partnership with the laminate, adds a great impact.”

The foil effect really stands out as it’s the only metallic gold on there. We were delighted to be able to offer Pressure Drop a solution that had such a great visual impact.”
Alligator Tugboat Label Apeel Pd Crop

Graham O’Brien, Co-founder of Pressure Drop (who once compared the company’s approach to their labels as ‘little album covers’), adds:

“We’re really enjoying the experience of working with Label Apeel. We get a personal service from Geoffrey and he helps us to understand the technical side of the label printing process, allowing us to get on with the fun bit; the creativity. Geoffrey is clearly passionate and knowledgeable - a bit of a label geek – but importantly he is able to listen. It feels like the process is properly collaborative which results in a better outcome for us.”

Street Porter Label Apeel Pd

"Working with Pressure Drop,” continues Geoffrey, “you can see that something exciting is going on – and with the brand they’ve created a unique concept to match their beer. The beer is very well brewed, the labels are good quality products – everything together works very nicely.  The team at Pressure Drop are really down to earth guys as well, always willing to tackle the technicalities of the labelling and ready to listen to the restrictions and opportunities that there are with current processes and techniques. The brand is clearly very imaginative and understandably confident in both their product and their approach to highly stylised packaging - and I think it’s paying off dividends.”

For more information about Pressure Drop and the story behind each of their labels, visit: http://pressuredropbrewing.co....

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