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Dale Ian Bw Label Apeel

Little over a year ago, Label Apeel published a photo-series in celebration of International Print Day 2016, championing the people right at the heart of the company. Now, one year later, we've asked our staff to tell us their Label Apeel stories in their own words... 

Part 5 - Ian & Dale

15.12.17 In our final installment of Staff Stories, we're celebrating not one, but two employees...well, they do say that good things come in pairs. After starting at Label Apeel as apprentices, Ian and Dale have clocked up almost 25 years of experience between them, leading fantastic teams to be consistently efficient in producing award winning and innovative labels. Read on for their story...

Ian: "I started at Label Apeel when I was 17, working on prepress material and then prepress inks."
Dale: "I was even younger, I was 16 when I started as a temp, over sticking labels. After that I went into rewind and flexo before making the move to digital where I am now."
Ian: "And I'm now working on our HP Indigo. Along with Dale and our Digital Print Operative Rhys Kimberley, we've worked hard to make our HP department one of the most efficient in the UK."
Dale: "2017 has been a fantastic year for us with developments that have taken place in the company. We started the year with a call from HP telling us that Label Apeel was consistently running at twice the efficiency of the world average for an HP Indigo 6800!"

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Ian: "That was a massive moment, especially when representatives from HP came to Label Apeel to watch us in action and see out how we'd reached such great levels of efficiency. Then there was the week when we got our first 100/100 score on the weekly print beat."
Ian: "Yeah, and when HP said that so much of that high score and efficiency was down to the way we were working with the press itself - that was brilliant to hear. It means that the training we've done and the pride we take in perfecting the way we work with the machines really does make a significant difference to what we can produce - as well as the time it takes us to do it."
Dale: "It's true. Training and development are massive at Label Apeel and Ian and I have been given the time to take a some really in-depth Management courses to expand our skills further. It ensures that we know how best to apply our knowledge and experience, as well as being well prepared to properly train new members of staff to the same standard that we were trained to."

Dale Ian2 Label Apeel
Part 4 - Debbie

13.12.17 In Part Four of #StaffStories, we meet Label Apeel's Finance Manager, Debbie, who joined the company when she left school. After 22 years, Debbie is our longest serving employee and we don't know what on earth we'd do without her. This is her story...

"I started at Label Apeel as a rewind operator when I first left school and spent the next 5 years working my way up through thermal printing, platemaking and then artworking in our Studio department. Next, in 2000, I moved into accounts and began learning how various systems worked, such as for payslips and holiday, as well as getting involved in internal and external management training and opportunities. Now, as Label Apeel's Finance Manager, I love the day to day challenges that come with my job. I get to lead projects with other departments and, because we've got such a great bunch of people at Label Apeel, it's great to have the chance to watch all the departments grow and develop - especially when old staff return to the company. That's when you know you're working somewhere special."

Debbie Label Apeel
Part 3 - Saeid

21.11.17 For Part Three of #StaffStories we're speaking to Saeid, a flexographic printer who joined Label Apeel in 2015. This is Saeid's story...

"I've worked in print all my life. When I was very young I began working in my father's printing house in Iran. Then, in my early 20's, I moved to the UK and found myself working near Label Apeel's previous premises in Braunstone. I would often speak to the Label Apeel boys when I was making deliveries and liked the atmosphere of the factory. 

"When an opportunity came up for someone to join the team as a trainee through the Label Apeel Academy I jumped at the chance, relishing the opportunity to try my hand at a range of jobs across the business' production departments. Now, I am a flexo printer and love what I do; especially because Label Apeel is such a calm and controlled place to work. I like having that structure. Also, the way that the company cares about its customers and labels is phenomenal. We take pride in what we create and I really think you can see this in our work."

Saeid3 Label Apeel
Part 2 - Jay

10.11.17 For our second installment of #StaffStories, we'd like to introduce a name that every Label Apeel supplier will know (but our customers might not have heard once) ...Jay. 

As our Planning and Purchasing Manager, Jay holds one of the most demanding and highly pressurised jobs at Label Apeel. He's the person responsible for planning each and every job that enters the shop floor, which means he has a hand in every label that goes through our presses. Here is his story... 

"I joined Label Apeel at 19 working on Pick and Pack on the shop floor, but quickly moved up to work on Prepress where I could be more heavily involved in the printing process. After several years I had the opportunity to work in Purchasing, moving from the shop floor into the office, and I've worked hard to become Label Apeel's current Planning and Purchasing Manager. I've been here now for just over 6 years and it's definitely the people and the atmosphere that makes it such a great place to work. Plus, of course, the fact that there's always opportunities to develop your career and the support that's needed to encourage you to do so."

Jay Label Apeel Crop
Part 1 - Camille

08.11.17 We're kicking off #StaffStories with everybody's favourite cook, Camille; the woman solely responsible for keeping the Label Apeel team fed and full. You'll have seen some of her amazing food if you follow us on social media...from towering heaps of hot chilli nachos to delicious helpings of vegetable risotto and hearty breakfasts for staff on the 6am shift, there's nothing Camille can't make. Here's what she has to say about cooking for the Label Apeelers... 

"Label Apeel has a really positive atmosphere and everyone’s really friendly. With the job I do I get to see everyone every day and I really enjoy watching new members of staff becoming integrated with the team on the shop floor. I’ve also learnt a lot as a chef in my time here. There are vegetarians and vegans, so I’ve had to think about what options to provide... these options are now some of the most popular amongst everyone! You can’t have a bad week at Label Apeel, not when you get such a warm welcome on a Monday from the team."

Camille2 Label Apeel