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Stuart Kellock’s Digital Printing experiences entertain DSCOOP audience

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Always happy to share his experiences of running one of the most successful label printers in the UK, MD of Label Apeel Stuart Kellock took to the podium at this year’s Digital Solutions Co-Operative (DScoop) to spill the gossip on his successes and his experience of working with digital printing.

In this month’s blog, he gives us the lowdown on what he revealed:

DScoop is a bit of a club for digital printers who run HP printing presses and, each year, DScoop members from across Europe, Africa and the Middle East come together. This year I was honoured to be invited to do a presentation on how digital printing has affected our business and how we have made it work for us.

Speaking to your peers is always a bit of a daunting task; you’re not going to get away with generalisations or sweeping statements and everything you say is going to be picked over and analysed, so we didn’t go in to this lightly. What we wanted to get across was that, yes, we had been successful but, despite being one of the UK’s best label printers, it was no cake walk getting to where we are today.

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I was frank with the DSCOOP audience about how, in our early yearswhen the technology was less controllable and more susceptible to having a hissy fit, digital was a completely different ball game to what it is today. I spoke candidly the mistakes the business had made in training (or lack of) and in maintenance (or lack of). However, after revealing our initial struggles, I went on to expand on the learning process and the positive part that HP had played in partnering with Label Apeel to resolve the issues.

 The digital printing process is just part of our offering and combining the digital press with superior decoration tools has led Label Apeel business to be able to compete at the very highest level in the luxury goods sector. Again, this has led to a lot of learning and education, all of which has seen the business become one of the most efficient HP users in the world and one of the best decorative printers in the UK. Not bad for 7 years hard work.