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The Gamechanger: HP Fluorescent Pink

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Our Label Geeks have been burning the midnight oil on our digital press, trialling some new ink from HP which glows under UV light. Adrian Porter, Label Apeel’s Operational Director, tells us why this pink ink is a game changer for the world of labelling.  

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Where did the idea come from for HP Fluorescent Pink Ink? This is something

HP has been working on for some time with more fluorescent colours to follow. The purpose is to add a bit more ‘wow factor’ to your everyday CMYK printed product. HP have said that the ink will “make digital applications go beyond ordinary and become extraordinary and inspiring” – and that’s exactly what we’re aiming to do. 

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In technical terms – how do you make it glow? Due to its fluorescent characteristics, the ink glows under a UV light. The actual application of the ink is highly important, but we’re keeping that a secret just now, so shhhh!

What brands would it suit? Flourescent ink could be big in the beers, wines and spirits market; especially for anything that is commonly displayed in night-clubs or bars with UV lighting.

 When will it be available? We have recently completed our in-house testing and we are happy to say we’re ready to start! If fluorescent ink is something you’re interested in for your brand or business, give us a call to find out more!

You can contact Label Apeel on 0116 231 4555

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