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The Label Apeel Design Masterclass

By Admin.
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I can't pretend that the first Design Masterclass we ran didn’t have me a little bit nervous. Who would come? Would anybody turn up? Would they appreciate it? Was I going to get heckled?! 

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I needn't have worried though. At the start of April we welcomed seven people in to Label Apeel HQ and, I think it's fair to say, the day was a huge success. Despite being the ones running the day, we certainly enjoyed it and the day was full of great conversation and discussion. Everybody who attended the Masterclass was from London; which wasn't planned and came as a big surprise to us, as we had always been told that those from The Smoke don’t travel north! We were honoured to have three guests from the Harrods design team, two from up-and-coming branding and design agency Happy Design, as well as Claire Hartley and Melanie Johnson, both freelance designers.

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We started the day (after coffee, cakes and introductions) with an overview of Label Apeel: where we had come from and what we do. The group were then met by our fantastic sales reps, who led two respective sessions in our boardrooms upstairs. The first session, led by Geoffrey, was a dance through our samples cupboard. Geoffrey discusses with the attendees exactly what we have done for different brands and companies over the years and looked closely at how combining different finishes could create a multiplier of impact. Next door, Craig led the second group through a discussion of common pitfalls and hazard awareness in label design. Given that both groups over ran by double the allotted time and had to be prised on to the next section, I think we can say that the sessions were of interest to all concerned.

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Next, it was time for more coffee before coating everybody up and getting our hands dirty. Our guests were split into three groups and rotated through 4 different stages in the Label Apeel production areas. Each group spent 30 minuets in repro, on our digital press, our flexo press and then on our decoration and finishing line. There was no room for sitting back as these were hands on sessions in which visitors were given the opportunity to really get to grips with presses, processes and systems. 

After a hearty lunch, we wrapped up the day with a look at different finishes, taking the opportunity to showcase exactly what our trusted suppliers are able to help them achieve. By allowing us to act as a conduit between the designers and  our suppliers, we are able to open up all sorts of different options for both new designs and brand refreshes alike. 

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Thank you to all that came and got stuck in at our Design Masterclass. The feedback we received from our guests was overwhelmingly positive and we are already looking forward to finding the next date for the Label Apeel calendar!

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