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The Label Apeel Masterclass –What’s New in Label and Print Decoration?

By Admin.

We’re greatly looking forward to our second Label Design Masterclass on April 5th. (Which we were pleased to see proved very popular, with all spaces being snapped up within just a few days of its announcement!)

During the day, our attendees will be looking at labelling methodology and discussing which methods deliver the best results - and in what circumstances. We’ll be tackling the issues of digital print and what it can bring to the designers palette, whilst also considering the restrictions it can have. There will also be plenty of chances for participants to get out on the production room floor and see first-hand how we mix inks, lay plates and - if they’re really good - we might even let them press the big green button!

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The afternoon will be taken up looking at different types of decoration including high build varnishing, and other screen printing techniques. We will look at foiling and what is now possible with new techniques, including patterned foiling which (we predict) is going to be the next big thing in print decoration. And finally, we’ll be taking a look at embossing; when to use it and how to get best impact.

The day will full of tips and advice on what to avoid and what to do more of, and we’ll be engaging attendees in conversations on problem solving and design issues. We look forward to welcoming our visitors to Label Apeel, and hope that they will leave us inspired by the work that we do.

- Stuart Kellock, MD

To find out more about the Label Apeel Design Masterclass, click here