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Twenty Seventeen at Label Apeel.

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Derby Brewing

1. Who doesn’t love a successful crowdfunding story? With 560 investors pledging 110% of the £500,000 target set by Derby Brewing, there'll be exciting news pouring out of Derby for a while yet. Derby Brewing Crafted is just one of the goals realised by the company's crowdfunding campaign - a crafted bottled beer range that we were thrilled to help bring to market. We were introduced to the brewers by Blue Nectar Design who had worked on the creative for the new beers. We printed five new labels using two colours on a textured uncoated Tintoretto Gesso paper, adding an overall matt varnish and a high-build screen for the background to really bring the labels alive.

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Dsc 3197
Salcombe Gin

2. Label Apeel is behind the exquisite label for a new, cask aged, Limited Edition Salcombe Gin 'Finisterre' Gift Set. Aged in the 624 litre American oak Fino sherry cask that it's accompaniment in the gift set was made in, this limited edition gin has a wonderful citrus depth to it. Lovingly crafted in the picturesque town of Salcombe, Devon, we’ve been on the journey with Salcombe Gin since the beginning. Their latest label is in their distinctive flag shape, with print to the reverse and eye-catching copper foiling. 

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Fynoderee Gin

3. The detail and clarity we achieved on the Fynoderee Distillery label is what proudly sets us apart from other printers. We welcomed this unique gin brand under the Label Apeel roof after an introduction from the brand’s designers. Based on the Isle of Man in the grounds of a manor house, Fynoderee Distillery is only the second distillery to open on the island, they currently import the juniper berries they use, but are looking to grow all their own botanicals. After receiving encouraging feedback on their label, the team have big plans for 2018, including new editions and additional products, and we look forward to working with them in the new year. 

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4. We’re proud to announce we’ve been awarded a new accreditation. German-based research institute FOGRA are heavily involved in maintaining ISO standards for print and colour management. Based on ISO standards, they developed a system of certifications for print providers, given to printers in recognition of colour consistency. After installing a new proofing system, we now have the capacity to run a quality control proof label and control strip which allows us to provide a colour reference for customers and led to our new FOGRA 51 accreditation for coated printing (replacing the previous Fogra 39 accreditation).

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5. Though their barn on Falls Farm in Harrington is 200 years old, Warner Edwards’ small batch gin is a little sprightlier, recently celebrating its Fifth birthday on December 6th. Since the start of their journey, when that very first bottle was sold in December 2012, Warner Edwards have worked alongside our Business Development Manager Karen Capey. Launching in 2012 with an order of 8,000 labels, Warner Edwards have just placed an order with us for 300,000 units across five flavour ranges; proof of their dedication to development and their incredible success.

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6. Finally, we’re thrilled to be featured in the January 2018 issue of Beverage Packaging Innovation magazine in their Winter 2017 issue. In the issue we discuss where best practice stands when it comes to alcohol labelling, as well as the intricacies of including this information without restricting label design (just take a look at Dancing Duck Brewery's playful approach for inspiration). After 20 years, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge and expertise in producing labels for the alcohol industry and we do whatever we can to help support brewers and brands when they’re compiling the correct information required for their labels. Keep watch for the new issue when it's released in January 2018...

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