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  2. "We’ve got Labels Down to a Fine Art" - Stuart Kellock prepares for Label & Print 2017

"We’ve got Labels Down to a Fine Art" - Stuart Kellock prepares for Label & Print 2017

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I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” - Vincent van Gogh

That one statement alone sums up what we aim to do at Label Apeel. Yes, we are just a label printer, but we are the label printer who is never satisfied. The label printer who keeps searching for perfection. For us, the search for perfection is the point. We believe that success comes from passion and commitment and we work with our clients to achieve labels that are unique, beautiful and memorable.

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We approach every project as if creating a piece of fine art. Why? Because that’s what labels are to us.

Every label printer at Label & Print 2017 will have roughly the same kit. But the crucial difference is in the people and the passion that goes into working those tools. At Gallery H19, you’ll meet people who are as passionate about your product as you. People that are genuinely proud of the work we have created, and excited for the projects to come. Most importantly though, we understand how to juggle the science of printing with the creativity of great problem solving. And that’s an art form in itself!

We’re a leading label printer who help brands achieve their goals by sharing the excitement and passion of the products we decorate.
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Featuring some of our best 'works of art' from recent years, the Label Apeel Gallery showcases the impressive technical abilities and creative talents of the Label Apeel team. For more information, be sure to click here