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What you should be nibbling this Christmas

By Helen Dugdale.
Chritsmas Gift Hamper 8

To accompany the very lovely cocktail that we’ll all be guzzling this Yultide, Here’s our recommendations of things to eat whilst watching your favourite Christmas film or your in-laws scrapping. Put them all together and they’d make a fine hamper.

Kings Caviar - we’re kicking off with a posh one, Kings Caviar – perfect on teeny-tiny crackers that fit perfectly into your mouth in just one bite.  

Pukka Pies - they may not be eaten by people with blue blood, but these bad boys are in a league of their own. A wide range of pies and sausage rolls. We’ll be scoffing the large potato, cheese and onion pie; the steak pie; the microwaveable chicken pie (perfect for when even turning on the oven is too much hard work) and we’ll be watching a spot of Christmas Comedy with several large stand-up pasties.

Scrubby's Crisps: if there is no crisps, it’s just not Christmas! This year in our bowls it’ll be Scrubbys vegetable crisps. We’ll be pretending its one of our 5 day.

Dr. Burnoriums – chilli nuts – the finest fiery snacks you’ll find around. 

La Saucy Salsa – give your Christmas a dollop of the sun with this authentic Spanish salsa.

Houghton Hams – tasty British pork, great on sandwiches and on its own while your making your butty.

Just Oils – balsamic dip - great with a big old hunk of bread.

Drivers Pickles – the professional caterers best friend. You’ll probably find these in your local chippie.

Artisan Kitchen –homemade preserves – this year we’re going for Blackcurrant Sloe Gin Jam and Lime Marmalade.

Aberffraw Biscuit Co. - these cute looking shortbread biscuits are in the shape of a scallop shell. They’re made using the oldest recipe in Britain that dates back to 13th Century Anglesey. A spot of general knowledge at Christmas always goes down a treat.

Nantwich Cheese – cheese. We’ll be layering our crackers with Hot Mexican and Wensleydale and Cranberry.

Enjoy your festive fayre!