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Making Paper Look Like Leather, Alliance Wines

Making paper look like leather for Bootstraps
Label Apeel gave this label a truly unique style

The challenge
We love a good brief, so when one landed asking us to print a label that we'd need to export to Australia, then the label would be stuck on to the bottles and sent back to the UK, we raised a grin. There were even more pearly whites on show when we realised we'd need to make paper look like leather, eh? But you know us, we love a good challenge.

The result
So, after a bit of trialling we came up with a combination of fluted embossing dies, digital print, and hot foiling give this label a truly unique style; one that makes you want to reach out and run your fingers over all its bumps.

In the end the customer was blown away with the results and we were rather smug. Job done.

The customer was blown away with the results from Label Apeel. Job done