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Making Pickles Sexy, Driver's

Engaging, witty label design for Driver's
Label Apeel helping make pickles sexy
Clear labels gave Driver's products a new lease of life

The challenge
Having produced labels for Drivers Pickles for over 20 years it came, as a bit of a shock when they said "we want to make pickles sexy."

The result
We put Drivers in touch with one of our favourite designers and they came up with was an engaging witty design that stands out on the shelf in the notoriously conservative pickle aisle.

The decision to use a clear label meant the designers didn't have to worry about the imagery, the clear labels on glass would show off the product perfectly. By limiting the design to just three colours we needed to use only black and white and a single accent colour. The new design for Drivers has given this 100-year-old company a new lease of life and made us even more partial to a pickle.

The new labels from Label Apeel have given Drivers a new lease of life