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Fetching Little Tea Labels, Hampstead Tea

Label Apeel are especially proud of these little labels for Hampstead Teas

The challenge
To create some very fetching labels for Hampstead Teas Moonlight Silver Tips range.

The result
We're particularly proud of the little labels. We've thrown all the bells and whistles at them and they've come up trumps. They were firstly hot foiled onto Tintoretto Gesso, we then digitally printed on the hot-foil and added sequential numbers. They were then put back on the press for an overall matt varnish and a high build gloss varnish was added to the wording "Hampstead Teas", which adds to the luxurious look and feel of them.

We produced a front, back, neck and top label that sit nicely on a small glass jar.

Label Apeel threw all the bells and whistles at these labels and they've come up trumps