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R&D comes in many forms and we are committed to ensuring our research matches your needs. We work on many projects in a year and a lot of them are confidential. We completely understand the need to keep our lips zipped. The areas we work on include, but are not restricted to:

Do you need to know the label information requirements in a certain country? Then we can help. We'll find what it is that will keep you on the shelf and out of the courts. For example, did you know it's illegal to use the word Santa on any product in Finland, without a very expensive license from the Finish government? Now you know who owns Santa!

We are always looking for ways to help you get your products applied faster and cheaper.
We have a friendly engineer who is happy to chat about your requirements. We love looking for new kit that means we can create more weird and wacky packaging.

We are known in the industry as the 'go to' company when it comes to trialling new and strange materials. Our suppliers recognise our ability to test and appraise new materials. They love our honesty and openness. This gives us first dibs on what is new in the market place, what fantastic new adhesives are coming out, how the development of thinner liners is progressing and what beautiful new face stocks are being launched. You might laugh but we're geekily passionate about substrates.

Having mastered making paper look like leather, we are continually on the hunt for the next challenge. If you can get someone to take an interest in the tactile sensation of the product then you have a sale. Finding new and innovative finishes is part of our day-to-day existence.

Whatever it is you are looking to achieve or even if you have no idea, then talk to us. We love this part of the process and working with you to achieve something extra special is our dream.

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