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Label Apeel - The leading decorative printer of self-adhesive labels.

Label Apeel is a third generation family business that brings all the values, commitment and integrity that you would expect from a strong and harmonious family. We obsess about quality, both of the product and the service. Your best interests are our best interests and we will work tirelessly to promote them. We want you to be a part of our family, by developing long working relationships that are based on honesty, teamwork and mutual benefit.

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When working with you, we absorb your passion for your project. Taking time to deconstruct the mechanics of the design. Then we work the magic that delivers your every dream and expectation in a sticky label.

7923 Slake Dragon Brandy Varnish Contrast

Exacting standards, minimal tolerances and a passion to be the very best, will give you a killer label that is, alluring, sexy, bold, challenging, subtle or dynamic. Positioning your brand to realise its full potential



Are we really that good? Yes we are. Order a copy of our portfolio to see a wide range of labels, materials and finishes. Gather inspiration, find out what's new and see how different techniques combine to create high impact labels.

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