Customer Service Week

Customer experience is at the heart of what we do 365 days of the year, but National Customer Service Week gives us a great opportunity to sit back and reflect on how we make sure every customer leaves us with brilliant labels and without any sticker induced anxiety.

It is easy to think that good customer service is all about offering nice sandwiches and making long trips to the four corners of the UK to wine and dine with clients. However nice these perks are, it misses the mark in terms of what customers actually want, they don’t come to us because they know they will get a cracking buffet (don’t get me wrong though, they do) they come to us because they want labels with a wow factor that are going to be exactly what they ask for, all of the time. They want to be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone who knows both their labels and them as a company inside out and who will make what can seem like a daunting prospect, flow easily.

The end goal is clear, be the best all of the time, it’s the getting there that can prove trickier. It all starts with training.

We asked Ben and Symeon who have both recently passed their GQA Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Machine Printing to tell us a bit about how their training helps them deliver top quality service to all of our customers.

“Label Apeel gave me ample time to complete all my essays and revise, allowing me to go into exams feeling confident and it meant I could really get the most out of the course.” It isn’t enough to just sign people on to a course and leave them to it, at Label Apeel we work hard to support people through their training and give them the space to do more than just pass, to take a dive into the subject, not just tick a box. “The course taught me how to improve upon all the key skills I use every day, as well as giving me an insight into the wider print industry. It gave me the confidence on press to solve problems myself and make changes to stop those problems from first occurring.” Training doesn’t just have to be in a grey classroom either, Ben got the opportunity to go to Barcelona as part of his HP level 2 training!

We think we have customer service down to a fine art, but for us, being stagnant isn’t an option, we are always looking to progress forward so training will always be a priority.